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fiephie's Journal

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FiePhie! What mercurial_lily came up with as I act like Yuffie and Selphie sometimes. ^^ (yufFIE.. selPHIE.. Heheh ^^ <3) Anyway yeah... Now onward!! XD Added 11.06.07

Honestly, I had to make a new journal just for finding favorite fan fics, pairings, and such because my interests section on my primary LJ, strayingsoul, was getting cluttered.

I have taken this LiveJournal in a direction more for reviewing fanfics and seeing what else others like to read. I do try my best to get an alternate link for the fanfic in case something happens to the original. I was using Pastebin.ca for this very reason until they went under - or so have seemed to go under. I'm looking for a new place to store them, but until then, I'm going to be saving the fanfics on my computer and sharing only the link to the original work. Chances are, I'm going to be reviewing things other than just fanfics and will include links to other literary pieces that I find interesting, be they just a short story or a small poem.

If you have something that you would like to share with me, feel free to comment in one of my entries with the link to it. If you have ideas for tags, feel free to comment with that idea as well. Don't be shy, stop in and say hi! :D

---More to add later---

I really don't think I'll be creative as to what to put on here xD But til then, here's a colorbar of Elena ^^ <3

Elena is thirty-seconds-of-screentime-including-her-ID-card love.
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