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Ficcy's!! - FiePhie
Okay! New post! New favorites! ^o^

This one was just too sweet to pass up. I mean... seriously. It made me sad..

Found in findmagicorange
Pairings: Elena/Loz, Unrequited Tseng/Elena
Warnings: Character death
Rating: R for angst and blood
Notes: I think this is some of the best writing I've done recently. I know it's a bit disjointed, but...it's supposed to be. It's written from Tseng's point of view, and his mindframe is a bit skewed as the story takes place.

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Link in case the entry dies.

Really good and by chiigusa
Just Like Honey
Rated: PG-13
Pairing: ElenaxReno

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Just in case the entry link dies.

From my other LJ, [info]strayingsoul ...
Reno Favorites in my Memories
Elena Favorites in my Memories

^o^ The ones under Reno are REEAAALLY good.

If you can't view them, apologies and I'll post their links if you let me know ^^

I deleted that journal, damn... shoulda thought about that.

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