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:D - FiePhie
I'm going to start doing only one fic review per entry now, to help with tags.

I shall be supplying download links for the chance that I don't get to updating the expiration date on the Pastebin copies, even though they are set to expire in a year, I know that the amount will start to add up. When I host them for download on MediaFire, then they'll be there as long as my account doesn't get deleted.

Title: Found Wanting
Author: chicky07
Summary: "Quistis just got fired and is looking for an outlet for her anger and pain."
Pairing(s)/Characters: Seifer/Quistis
Rating: R - For alcohol, panty-shot and whatever the ending leaves your mind to~.
My Stars? Hm... 3.5 stars outta 5. (Simply because it's a tease xD)

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