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 Well, shit. It seems that Pastebin.ca has gone down or something. The alternate links are dead for the time being. You'll have to wait until I can somehow get to that old data.

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Title: That Which Devours
Author: DK
Summary: "To regain the life he once knew, Squall Leonhart must face a foe impossibly alien... and as familiar as the back of his hand. Parodies don't always have to be funny."
Pairing(s)/Characters: Squall, Ellone, Xu, Rinoa, Seifer, etc.
Rating: M
My Stars: 5/5

This is a very good fic. I can't really say more than that without giving away spoilers, lol. I will say, though, that the most perfect person, he or she without flaws or weaknesses will always have that one thing that they don't realize is their downfall.

I'll have an alternate link up in a little bit. Also, if you have any ideas for more tags, feel free to send them my way, okay?

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I'm going to start doing only one fic review per entry now, to help with tags.

I shall be supplying download links for the chance that I don't get to updating the expiration date on the Pastebin copies, even though they are set to expire in a year, I know that the amount will start to add up. When I host them for download on MediaFire, then they'll be there as long as my account doesn't get deleted.

Title: Found Wanting
Author: chicky07
Summary: "Quistis just got fired and is looking for an outlet for her anger and pain."
Pairing(s)/Characters: Seifer/Quistis
Rating: R - For alcohol, panty-shot and whatever the ending leaves your mind to~.
My Stars? Hm... 3.5 stars outta 5. (Simply because it's a tease xD)

Alternate Link

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I am back from the grave!! XDD Feel free to note me or my (new) journal oddlyoddish about fics you might like me to look at :3

Summary: Zell goes to Irvine for love advice which leads into quite the demonstration...*language, graphic yaoi sex*
Rating: Smut warning~~~
My Stars? A solid 4 so far.

Who Can Tell
Alternate Link

It's pretty cute. And it's got the smexiness that is Irvine and Zell~~.

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Okay. I know it's been a while. But still yet.

I might possibly come back later with stories. But only if I'm in a good mood.

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Humor fan fic! OMG! This fan fic (Hotaru Goes to Hogwarts) is freaking awesome. It's sooo funny.

Don't expect any pairings out of this, okay? Unless you have Hotaru and Yume running around in your head or Hotaru and Draco running around in your head, un? ^^

Hotaru Goes to Hogwarts
Three-point-nine Stars *Bored, typed it out ^^*
Really good ^o^
Part 1, Alt
Part 2, Alt
Part 3, Alt

I would have a link straight to the site that has one of my favorite Sailor Moon fics, but nooooo.... You can't get a direct link to it, even through freaking Google...

Here's the cached link. I can't even view the page through clicking the link offered by GOOGLE! OMG! ^^;;
  Original link is working again.
Anyways here's the link: The Party
Four-point-five Stars ^^
Just in case it doesn't work anymore... 

ShoujoAi.Com Fics
Cow Plushie!!
Karen and Ann have been best friends for years, both developing certain feelings for the other. Will jealousy and Jack be able to keep them apart? Love always works in mysterious ways, but it doesn't always turn out how you planned. (Don't let the title fool you)

OMG. This is SOOOOO good, omg. It's the Karen/Ann fic I mentioned in my other LJ. It's just soo sweet omg. I love it! <33
Five Stars

Alternate link

The End
Pairing: Minako/Rei, Makoto/Usagi
In the Silver Millenium, the Senshi find their princess after she has committed suicide.

It is a VERY good fic. OMG. <33
Five Stars
Alternate link

All That Really Counts
Pairing: Quistis/Shiva
Quistis' break gets off to strange start with a dream about Shiva, but that's only the beginning.

Very good. This is what got me started on Quis and Shiva.
I give it... Four-point-nine Stars
Alternate link

I haven't read any of it yet, I have no idea if I'll get to it, but I'll try! *Hides from mercurial_lily * much of it as of yet, but I'm starting to get to it ^^

OMFG IT'S HUGE. 100 Chapters! I'll be slowly going through it ;~;
That's all for this time around ^o^


~FiePhie <3

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I would love to join the community and I'm starting to have ideas for these two. Most likely they'll be the ones that I start making fics over ^o^ They'll be my first.

^^ Thanks if you let me in ^o^


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Okay! New post! New favorites! ^o^

This one was just too sweet to pass up. I mean... seriously. It made me sad..

Found in findmagicorange
Pairings: Elena/Loz, Unrequited Tseng/Elena
Warnings: Character death
Rating: R for angst and blood
Notes: I think this is some of the best writing I've done recently. I know it's a bit disjointed, but...it's supposed to be. It's written from Tseng's point of view, and his mindframe is a bit skewed as the story takes place.

(Fake Cut to User's Journal)

Link in case the entry dies.

Really good and by chiigusa
Just Like Honey
Rated: PG-13
Pairing: ElenaxReno

(Fake Cut)

Just in case the entry link dies.

From my other LJ, [info]strayingsoul ...
Reno Favorites in my Memories
Elena Favorites in my Memories

^o^ The ones under Reno are REEAAALLY good.

If you can't view them, apologies and I'll post their links if you let me know ^^

I deleted that journal, damn... shoulda thought about that.

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Yes! I have my new journal for favorite pairings and fanfics now! YES!

Anyway, yeah... If anyone wants to know about the real me, go to strayingsoul that's my real journal. ^^ I'm also in the process of getting the layout on it fixed ;_; But oh well ^^

I shall have more later! ^o^

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